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The video from the “How Punk Rock Made Me a Better Entrepreneur” talk I gave at WMC Fest last August is up:

Caroline Moore from Weapons of Mass Creation.

If you want a sort of transcript of the talk, plus some bonus material, you can see my write-up.

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A few years ago (by which I mean six years ago, I have no concept of time anymore), I started one of those 365 photo projects. I took a picture of something every day for a year. Not all of them are gems, but I did get some interesting shots, and since part of my personal challenge was to shoot all of them in manual mode, I got a ton of practice at nailing exposures.

So I wanted to do it again, but this time, with illustrating. Part of it is just that if you do something enough, you’re bound to get better at it (I wonder how close this gets you to that magical 10,000 hours). But also, I spend a lot of my time doing design work for clients. Which means I’m doing a lot of work on deadline. And while I try to always put my best work out there (see the “use your whole ass” section of my Punk Rock Entrepreneur talk), I don’t really have the kind of time I get to devote to personal projects. In design school, we had to do this 101 assignment; I ended up having to do 101 shoes. The first 20 or so are pretty boring, and obvious, but once you get those out of your system, they get interesting. The Cruel Shoes one was probably my favorite. But I don’t usually have a week to just like… think about shoes, man. I get a few hours to come up with the best idea I can, make it look as good as possible, and get it out the door. This project is still pretty deadline based, I’m doing one every day. But my life’s also pretty routine, so I get to spend some time thinking of interesting ways to represent things that I do basically every day. Three hundred sixty five drawings is a lot of drawings – I’ve only done thirty one so far, and I’ve already dug into some weird stuff. Well, let’s be honest, I pretty much go straight for weird stuff.

If you want to keep up on the project, I’m posting them to my instagram.


Design, Firefly Posters

#6 Our Mrs. Reynolds

So the last Firefly poster that I finished was in September of 2012. Yikes. After a whole lot of ado, here’s the new one.

I was going to use the “Malcolm Reynolds’ widow” line, but went with “special hell” instead. You can get one in the shop.

Note: People that arrived at this page by Googling “naked Christina Hendricks,” shame on you. Go back to work.



So Mitch says, “I’ll draw you if you draw me.” And then it just sort of escalated. I made the same offer to my folks (calling anyone ‘followers’ makes me feel like a weird cult leader), and some of them took me up on it. I made a few unsolicited doodles, and some of them honored the swap anyway. It was fun, and one of those weird things that happen on social media that makes me love social media.

These are all people that I also follow, because they’re great, so you should probably check them out.




Jason from Horrible Comics and The Frustrators



Some unsolicted entries of Adeline Records and Matt Gondek

Matt Hicks

Thanks to everyone that participated. You can keep up with me on Instagram and maybe get involved with some internet shenanigans.


Keyskull rides again

Put a skull on it!


Gimme that shirt!

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