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ABC No Rio | NYC

We landed back in Pittsburgh, and three days later I was back on a plane. This time, headed up to NYC for David Bergman’s “Rock n Roll Portrait Lighting Workshop”. I’ve been looking for a really good lighting workshop, and figured New York wasn’t too far to go for it.

I started off on the tiniest airplane I’ve ever been on – only 3 seats across – which landed in exciting Newark. A tram, a train, and a few blocks walk later, I was at my hotel. Where I didn’t have a reservation, because the site I had used to book it had me down for January. It’s times like this I’m super glad that I travel light. Eventually I found a Doubletree where they did have a room, AND they gave me a chocolate chip cookie when I checked in, so kudos to them.

I was super excited to head up to the ABC No Rio, as they had an open darkroom, and I had some film to develop. Unfortunately, the volunteer that runs it had already left. Luckily, the have a hardcore/punk matinee every Saturday. Give me an hour in a new town, and I always find the punk kids.








What, exactly, does the cinder block do?



I didn’t get a chance to grab a flyer, so if you know these bands (or are in these bands) please let me know so I can link to you.




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