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David Bergman workshop | NYC

Finally, the reason I actually went up to New York in the first place, David Bergman’s workshop.

The workshop was a lot of fun, and extremely useful. Of course, my “gear to buy” list just got a whole lot longer. If you’re looking for a lighting workshop, I’d definitely recommend this one.

I didn’t spend much time taking photos, but I did get a few sort of behind the scenes shots.

David, doing his thing on the roof at Adorama (oh, they let us on the roof!)


The basic premise here was to overpower the existing light (which is, uh, the sun). If you look at how bright that sky is, you can see the problem with trying to do this with a softbox.


Edible Red was nice enough to come out and pose for us for the day. Here they are demonstrating “The Band Stagger”.

It was really interesting to watch David set up shots, and also talk through his thought process. So glad that I went, and I really can’t wait to try out some new lighting techniques.




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