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PTC at Hotshots

Along with the music stuff, any sports shoots will go up here as well. Since the husband’s on about a billion hockey teams, this means you’ll be seeing a lot of hockey photos. The guys have been playing on a deck league up at Hotshots in Canonsburg for awhile now, but this is the first time I’ve been able to make it up to a game.

I camped out right behind the goal for more or less the whole game.



Shirt has mad ups.





In general, I liked the look of these better in black and white. But it does no justice to Zack’s helmet, which I believe he got from the future.


I’m posting this as a lesson to photographers everywhere. If you notice that EVERYONE you are photographing is looking up, maybe you should see just what’s so damn interesting up there. Otherwise, you might get hit with a hockey ball. Just sayin’



Not enough hockey for you? There’s more on the Facebook.




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