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Thrice at Diesel

Some time last year, I decided to pick up some film and play around with my old Minolta 35mm. So when Thrice came to town last November, I figured I’d see if the nice folks at Diesel would let me take the camera in. As it turns out, they pretty much don’t care. I hadn’t been there since it’s been revamped (I want to say it was Nick’s Fat City before?).

They have the stage backlit with these huge screens, now.


This is actually the third time we’ve tried to see Thrice (we have only managed to see them Once). The first time they canceled, the second time we canceled. This time I saw the whole show standing on a 2 inch outcropping at the bottom of a post. Once I got up there, I couldn’t get back down, since the floor was so packed.


Since I went ahead and waited 8 months to get these developed and scanned in, I can’t remember much in the way of a set list. Except that they did “The Earth Will Shake”, which is one of the more awesome things I’ve heard live. And “The Weight”, which I was personally excited about. I think John’s vote for favorite went to “Daedalus.”


It was badass, is all you need to know.


This was also the first I’d ever heard of The Dear Hunter. A capella four part harmony? You have my attention.




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