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Between the Buried and Me

More lo-fi fun with the film project. We drove out to Peabody’s in Cleveland, which is one of my very favorite venues. Unfortunately, we got lost in the snow (I think this show was in January or February), and missed all of the opening acts. We made it just in time to see BTBaM, who we’d just seen in Pittsburgh a couple of months prior. Worth the 3 or so hour drive to see them again. Since the guest vocalist for “Swim to the Moon” was doubling as the sound guy, they went ahead and crowd-surfed him up to the stage to sing, and then back to the booth when he was done. Amazingly, this went well.

These are definitely not my favorite photos I’ve ever made, from a technical stand-point. But it’s been a fun project, and I kinda dig how some of them came out. Since we got there late, we were on the back wall. I found a kid sitting on a table there, and he was nice enough to share his spot.


Shooting with film is making me pickier about what I’m shooting digital. I’ve never been a spray n’ pray sort of photographer, but I am getting more deliberate. Fun stuff.




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