Website Remix

Fun fact: When I’m not taking photos of brides and awesome Judo instructors, I design things.

By day, I’m a “Multimedia Specialist”. Which basically means I’m doing the website, AV, photos, video, and anything else the hospital can skate in under that job title. I’ve been spending most of my time lately redesigning the website, which sorely needs it. They’ve had the same site for as long as they’ve had a website (so, some time in the mid-90s).

Guess who else has had the same website for a little too long?

Since I’ve been doing more photo than design work, freelance-wise, those sites have been getting all of my attention. But the design site needs some love, too. I wouldn’t take the time to do a redesign just for the sake of doing something different, though. So why the redesign?

While I don’t find it to be a terrible embarrassment or anything, I also don’t think it represents my web design – technically or aesthetically. I put the basic framework of it together in 2006, and while I’ve updated content since then, the layout hasn’t changed. It could be better.

It’s in Flash. And when I say it’s in Flash, I mean the whole site is one big .swf file. I’m not going to get into the many reasons why it shouldn’t be, let’s just say that I know more about web design now than I did then.

It’s cumbersome to update, and this is largely a function of it being done in Flash. It takes more effort than it really should for me to add new content, and updates get put off because of it.

I’m starting on sketches for this, but I always find it so much harder to design for myself than for anyone else. I’m actually writing up a creative brief for this, because I’m a huge nerd. Hoping that going through these steps, that are sort of automated in my brain when it comes to clients, will keep me on task for my own work.

It’ll be a long process, regardless. I’m working full time, doing wedding photography, stringing for City Paper and the Herald Standard, ice hockey, sleeping… well, maybe I can drop sleeping. At any rate, the project will be moving in a forwardish way. Journey of a thousand miles and all that.

For reference, the existing site is As always, I welcome feedback, encouragement, and questions on my sanity.




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