Riding the Rails

A few Saturdays ago, my folks invited us to take a train ride with them. There’s a company out of Cumberland that does a dinner/murder mystery trip to Frostburg.


We got there early, and poked around town a bit.


We also just picked up a new point and shoot. We’d been talking about getting something small (my ‘walk-around’ camera is a D40), and John discovered that we had enough National City/Whatever Our Bank Is Now points to get one. I filed it under ‘if it sucks, at least it’s free’ and thought I’d test it out this trip. As is usually the case, it does better outside than inside (although it does let me change the ISO manually, so that’s fun).



There was only one turntable, and no microphone.


John and I walked around Frostburg, instead of hanging at the station, which caused us to miss the ONLY CLUE THAT MATTERED. As such, we all guessed terribly and lose at murder mystery.


John’s wishing he won that commemorative champagne glass.

I ended up taking a good bit of photos (surprising, no?), and in case you’re interested, the camera we got is a Samsung SL50. Photos where I tried to use the flash were pretty bad – that last one of John is probably the best of that bunch. This is about what I expected. The shutter lag isn’t too noticeable, though, and I’m pretty happy about that. I haven’t fiddled with all the settings yet, but as point and shoots go, I imagine it’ll get the job done.




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