Green Day

Earlier this year, I decided to get my friend Lori pit tickets for Green Day in not-quite-DC. Last Tuesday, we drove about 5 hours to get to the Super 8 in Bristow.

Wednesday, we got some IHOP breakfast, grabbed snacks for the day, and spent the next 6 hours waiting around at what they’re now calling the Jiffy Lube Live arena. It was incredibly hot, and after awhile we were taking turns sitting in the car with the AC blasting. Most people had planned ahead and brought coolers – we sent a friend out to the 7-11 to pick up drinks. They could have made a mint selling water out in the parking lot, but nothing was open.

green day parking lot sing-along


Around 6:00 they let us in, and we ended up at about fourth row center. The last time I was in a pit for AFI, I got rolled, but that was maybe 9 years ago. Much calmer this time around. They did a good opening set, even though they didn’t play anything older than Sing the Sorrow (set list here).

Davey Havok of AFI, jiffy lube live, 8/11/2010


A drunken bunny and a few Ramones songs later, it’s showtime. Green Day’s set list is here. Somewhere around St. Jimmy, I got plowed, and ended up in the second row on Mike’s side for the rest of the show.

Mike Dirnt of Green Day, jiffy lube live, 8/11/2010


The Hot Tubs cover was a nice addition, even though they didn’t make it through the whole thing, and they busted out a few seriously old tunes. Billie’s Axl Rose impression is likely the worst I’ve ever heard, but was a winner for audience participation. I wish I’d been able to get a shot of the kid singing Longview – he was actually good, which is a rarity – but I couldn’t really move my arms at that point.

confetti after Minority, jiffy lube live, 8/11/2010


Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, jiffy lube live, 8/11/2010


I’m used to small club, $12 shows, so dropping $85 for a pit ticket hurts. But I really can’t complain that I didn’t get my money’s worth. Even though I have no memory of them playing 2000 Light Years Away (I did get a crowd surfer dropped on my head around that point), the parts I do remember were really solid. Interested to see what the guys do next.




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