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Last night, we made the 3 hour trip out to Cleveland’s House of Blues to see Bad Religion on their 30 year tour. Though they made a lot of comments on their age (“You can’t boo old people!” and “He’s been drinking the same beer since 1996”), they’re none worse for the wear. They didn’t do “Marked” live (you can see the whole set list here), but 30 years is a lot to cover, even if it’s only 2 minutes per song.

They had a few less albums when we saw them at Rostraver Ice Garden in 2002 or so. There may have been a few less middle fingers this time around, but the music’s still as good as it ever was. I remember standing in the test prep aisle at Waldenbooks a few years later, asking my dad how you studied for the vocabulary portion of the GRE’s. He said, “You read for 20 years.” I was pretty well set on that end, and I figure spending some years listening to Bad Religion couldn’t have hurt. Greg Graffin’s personally responsible for a good chunk of my vocabulary, and their lyrics had me running for a dictionary more than once. I’ve hit them up for the word art project already, and I imagine there will be more to come.



Word Art Project
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