A Thin Camel

Some number of years ago, my dad wrote a short story called “A Thin Camel.” The gist is that not only CAN you take it with you, you MUST. Upon finding out that he’s recently deceased, our protagonist also learns that he is responsible for transporting everything he owns to his final destination. When I found out that I’d be doing a thesis film for my MFA program at Chatham, I knew that I wanted to tell this story. It ended up being a nice little film about the afterlife, with some decidedly Buddhist leanings.

I spent two semesters writing the screenplay (and accompanying thesis text), and most of the summer shooting. Recently, a classmate was asking for photos from our projects, and I dug out a few (which I shot on film! Like a caveman!)

The Jeep should have gotten a credit. We used it to haul gear and people (we were shooting out in the woods, a trip my Neon wouldn’t have survived), as a catering table, and even to shoot from when we needed a higher angle.



My leading men, David Dietz and Rob Stone. They did such a great job.



We turned the church basement into a diner, then shot there until close to 2 a.m.



My DP, the fantastically talented Dave Gal. I’m directing (plus getting a wicked sunburn).



My dad spent most of his time working as a boom man.



King of the pile



Again, in the Jeep







For all the hard work and long hours that went into this project, I had an amazingly fun time shooting it. Thus far, it hasn’t made it outside of my graduate class, but Dave Dietz is working some audio magic and we may be screening it some time in the not too distant future.




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