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Monte Carlo, Monaco


Today was a bit less stressful. We decided the night before to book a shore excursion. I don’t think I’d want to do a bus tour everyday, but it was a nice, relaxing first day thing. We got to see basically all of Monaco, and drove around these corniche roads that are just cut into the side of the rock. Really narrow and windy. It’s arranged sort of strangely, because it’s so small.



We also drove through Eze and Nice, although we couldn’t really stop in Nice because of some Franco-African conference going on. Drove past Elton John’s house, but he wasn’t home.







We stopped at a perfumerie called Fragonard. We took a tour, which was pretty cool. I apparently knew very little about how perfume gets made (it basically looks like a still). After the tour, they let us sample some of the perfumes, which was all a little too strong for me. John said he was surprised I wasn’t getting all girlie over it, you know, French perfume and all. Honestly, the place kind of gave me a headache.





We hung around outside to take some pictures (of course), and then drove a bit more, checking out the scenery. The perfumerie was in Nice, so we went back through Eze and Monte Carlo, and another neighborhood of Monaco that I can’t remember.

We still had about four hours in port when we came back, so we walked back toward town. We eventually found a little cafe, no English there. Saying that my French is rusty would really be an overstatement; I took one semester my second year of college. Generally when we travel, I only learn how to say “Please” and “Thank you”, and how to order coffee in whatever the native language is (although I added how to order gelato in Italian). I got my first espresso, and they’re heaven.



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