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The Met, The Empire State Building, and Delta’s shenanigans

I realize that three weeks doesn’t qualify as “soon.” As is usually the case, personal photos got back-burnered while I worked on some other projects. For those of you not following me on the Twitter or elsewhere on the internet, a friend and I hiked it up to the Big Apple just after New Year’s.

The whole trip went really well, except for the part involving planes (thank you, Delta). We got into, and out of, the city later than expected. Still, we had plenty of time to check out the Met.

It was full of art students, which I imagine is the case most weekends. On the right, a stained glass piece that used to hang in the Tiffany show room.





They had a huge Egyptian section, which Lori was in love with.



Please do not fist bump the artwork.





Also on my list of things I’ve never done, even though this is my fourth trip to NYC, the Empire State Building. We’d walked past it, on at least one of those trips, but I’ve never been to the top.

I think the folks that work there get tired of giving the same instructions all day long. One of them told us, “Vaya con Dios” when we got into the elevator. Not funny, sir.



Windy and terrifying.



Oh, and cold. Try not to be jealous of my hat.





Since Lori’s man is really into FDNY, we hit up a local fire house and some shop called Fire Zone to take some shots.





Protesters, although I didn’t catch what they were protesting.



We came up after what was apparently the first of many snowstorms to hit New York, so the sidewalks were a bit of a mess.



Next up, my first Broadway musical and street shots. As always, there are more photos on Facebook.




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