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American Idiot’s 300th Show

I’ve never been to a Broadway musical. I’ve been to some that have trickled down to Pittsburgh, and got to see The Phantom at Pantages in Toronto, but never actually on Broadway. Somehow, I doubt they’re usually like this (our playbills came with a reminder that “Now is the time to use the restroom, NOT during the ballad”). Sadly, I didn’t get any shots of the place – the St. James is a great little theater – but I did get a few of the outside, and of the cast.

We apparently made it up to the 300th show, which included Billie Joe Armstrong playing St. Jimmy. I’d read mixed reviews on it, but I loved the show. Lori made fun of me for probably being the only one trying to get the cellist’s autograph at the end, but the string arrangements… good God.



We stayed after for autographs, and it was kind of a madhouse.



Somewhere in this photo is a very tiny Rebecca Naomi Jones.



I didn’t envy this man’s job, which consisted of saying “You can’t block the road guys, come on” every 8 seconds.



The man himself.



With the security guard we befriended. Apparently, he used to be a pro soccer player, and Lori got his autograph.



Wallace Smith. This guy was fantastic, and super polite. Actually, the whole cast was much nicer than I’d have been to a bunch of screaming loons.



Trying to match up names with tiny playbill photos for these ones, so I’m not positive on all of them. Theater nerds, help me out here.

Possibly Miguel Cervantes.



Gerard Canonico and Chase Peacock?



Stark Sands and Theo Stockman



Signed playbill, and Mr. Al Pacino.



When we saw that The Merchant of Venice was across the street, we kept joking that maybe we’d see Pacino. After the crowd dispersed, we started walking up the street and noticed everyone going nuts outside of the theater. We were pretty sure it was him, but couldn’t see him on the other side of an enormous SUV. So he hopped up into the car, and waved to the folks across the street. I’d already put the camera away, but luckily I’m a pretty quick shot. I also yelled “Hoo-ah!” at him, proving that I really shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

It turned out to be a great night, and a great show. Seriously, go see it.




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