Bad Religion at the Nautica

My Gram asked me today why we like Cleveland so much. It’s not that we set out to spend so much time there, it’s just that bands we like tend to play there. Although, this is the second anniversary that we’ve sort of accidentally celebrated by going to shows in Cleveland, because we’re terrible at anniversaries.

This is the first time we’d been to the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica, as they’re apparently calling it now, and it’s a pretty cool spot. We found it easily enough, but got hung up on parking. There was a bridge closed, and my GPS insisted we jump it Dukes of Hazzard style, as it was not suggesting an alternate route. We had to get around the old fashioned way, by looking with our eyeballs. Like cavemen! We made it just in time for Bad Religion, and this is probably the only shot I got where you can see much of the venue:

A few words, about this camera. As it turns out, free cameras aren’t the most durable, and in the course of carrying it around in a purse, the LCD screen on the back busted. Half of it is just black, and the other half has a sort of rainbow effect going on. Now I can shoot without checking the LCD to see how it turns out, I shot film for a long time. What I have a much harder time with is shooting with no viewfinder. It’s a miracle there are any identifiable humans in any of these shots, is what I’m saying here.

Do I need to mention that Bad Religion was awesome? We drove three hours to watch them open for another band. They mostly stuck to the new album, but managed to fit in a few older tunes (Jay: “We used to be good!”). The Nautica… Jacobs… whatever is right on the river, so during their set, a boat went by with some kids at their prom.

Rise Against also mostly stuck to their new album, which I haven’t gotten around to picking up yet. We’ve seen them a few times now, and they still put on a good live show (although, one of the speakers on our side seemed to be blown, so the sound was a little sketchy). Also, we ended up behind the drunkest bros in all the universe, and spent most of the show dodging them.

Nice venue, great show, some of the crowd I could have done without. Escaping the venue was a whole other story, and we spent awhile in parking lot limbo. On the plus side, I stayed awake for the ride home (I’m the worst at road trips). Apparently, the trick is to blast Metallica as loud as possible. Good to know.




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