Pics or it didn’t happen.

Oh, yes he did.

Around Thanksgiving last year, John announced that he was going to grow a handlebar mustache for vintage baseball. He’d been growing out the full beard since then, and just shaved it down to the ‘stache yesterday. I’ve been mocking him relentlessly ever since. Because I’m a terrible wife. Our friends are concerned he may tie me to some railroad tracks. It’s cool, though, the guys in his Judas Priest cover band really like it. Okay, seriously, I’m done.

I also did a few portraits for him, since he’s decided that he’s never, ever doing this again.

Sadly, I had to miss the exhibition today, but I did send the camera with John. Hopefully, he got a few shots of the guys in action. I’m sure the ‘stache looks awesome with his uniform.

There are, of course, more of these on Facebook.




5 thoughts on “Pics or it didn’t happen.

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