The Hear Me site redesign continues. We needed some nicer looking icons to designate story types, and I drew these up in Illustrator – and learned that making something legible at about 20 x 20 pixels is tricky. It’s basically video, audio, photo/visual, and written stories.

The two on the end are for stories that we’re doing through the Can Pals program. One of the ways we’re disseminating audio stories is through our Can Pals and Story Boxes. The guys down in the CREATE lab made these tin cans that house a computer chip, with a speaker on top, so that you can listen to a story when you tilt the can. You can see one in use on the Hear Me blog. The Story Boxes, we’re putting up around town, and in our gallery exhibits. The Can Pals program is like having a pen pal, but with audio. Students record their story and decorate a label for the can, then send it off to another school. They respond to those kids, record their own message, and it’s off to the next school.

I’ve also gotten our Hear Me Twitter page looking a bit more presentable. We’re working on getting all of our media in line with the new site. It’s a huge project, but we’ve got some really good people on it.




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