On Piracy

Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) says that pirates provide better customer service. How many times have you paid for a DRM license for something and the server goes down, or you travel across the border? I rented some episodes on Amazon of Dr. Who: when I went to Canada – I paid for them in America; I live in America – and they say, “You can’t watch it anymore because you’re not in America anymore.” That made me angry because I was being honest; I was an honest person. If I had stolen it, I would be watching it.

via Sean Bonner.

This, all day. We actually purchased some games for a LAN once, nice and legal. They didn’t work, and we ended up pirating the software from elsewhere. I have movies that I purchased that won’t work on some of my devices.

Wil Wheaton said in an interview that there are two classes of people here – those that will pay for something, and those that won’t pay for anything, no matter what. The problem is that the system they’ve come up with to thwart the latter isn’t working, and it’s actually discouraging the former.

My husband got a Droid recently, and wanted to put his music on it. It’s his music – he paid for it. The DRM settings, however, keep him from being able to move music (which he purchased) from one device (which he owns) to another device (which he also owns). For being an upright citizen and paying for things, he is rewarded with an impenetrable wall of frustration. His options at that point are to use a very roundabout system of re-burning and re-ripping a large chunk of his library, or to just download everything illegally from the internet. Which… DRM protection is supposed to keep you from doing? Well done, guys.




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