I love haunted houses. And for as long as we’ve known each other, Lori and I have spent every October hitting up as many as possible. We’re kicking off this season by heading up to ScareHouse which, despite some apparent drama over their Yelp ratings, is one of my favorites. We generally rate how good a scare house is by how many times I fall down (I startle like a baby rabbit, and my apparent defense mechanism is to hit the deck). Last year, I fell down three times, which is a solid rating.

A few years back, I made a mixtape for our outings. I didn’t have quite enough Halloween tunes to fill it out, but Lori’s a pretty big Weezer fan. Hence, I give you my Halloweezer mix.

This is Halloween // Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
Paint it Black // Gob
Buddy Holly // Weezer
Dig Up Her Bones // The Misfits
Astro Zombies // Pennywise
Beverly Hills // Weezer
Halloween (of course) // The Misfits
Fall Children // AFI
Say It Ain’t So // Weezer
Mr. Sandman // Gob
Beheaded // Offspring
The Sweater Song // Weezer
Incorporeal // Tiger Army
What’s This // Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
True Romance // Tiger Army
Pork and Beans // Weezer




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