A Songbook, and a giveaway.

As I mentioned in my last post, I did some work for Corbett and Dan on their shiny new Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook (available now from Microcosm Publishing.) I don’t get to see a ton of my work in print anymore, thanks to the internet, and you kids with your hip hop music, so having a physical book in hand was pretty damn cool.



I did more drawings than were included in the book, but they get to live here on my blog.



Okay, this one’s where the giveaway comes in. This is for Rocknroll Fire, which didn’t get published. If you can guess any of the songs used in the sheet music, you win a free book. Alternate giveaway, if you venture a guess which I find to be hilarious (as judged by me, by entirely arbitrary methods), you also win a book.


How to enter: Email me with your guess and your mailing address. Addresses will not be used for nefarious purposes. Contest will run from now until I run out of books to give away.


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