Win Signals Midwest’s new album

Apparently, I got so damn excited about Light on the Lake coming out, that I went and pre-ordered two of them. On the upside, you get to benefit from my mistakes, by winning my extra copy (plus whatever other swag I have lying around*.)

To enter:
1. Follow me on the Instant Grahams.
2. Repost that “win a record” image from my feed**
3. Tag me in the caption so I can find you
4. Profit.

Winner announced November 24th, so get it posted.


* Prize includes Signals Midwest Light on the Lake, on clear vinyl. Does not include the digital download, but you can pick that up from Tiny Engines for $8. You’ll also get some stickers and buttons, you lucky so and so.

** There are apparently apps that do this, but you can just screenshot it and repost it to your own feed.

*** Go see Signals Midwest at their record release shows on November 22nd and 23rd. This doesn’t help your chances of winning, you just really should go.


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