Keyskull rides again

Put a skull on it!


Gimme that shirt!

I’m getting these rad shirts printed up, but I’m running a pre-order first from now through January 31st. So why should you order it now?

1. Get a free button pack (pre-orders get extra free stuff).

2. Get the size you want. I’m ordering extras, but once a size is gone, that’s it.

3. It’ll be cheaper. Pre-order shirts are $15, but the price goes up for the regular sale ones. Because I’m a heartless and cutthroat business person, is why. Don’t get caught paying more for the same shirt, like a chump.

Seriously, gimme. 

Want to win one?

It’s super easy.
1. Be following me on either twitter or instagram.
2. Tell a friend and prove it.

Retweets count, regrams and shoutouts and Facebook shares count, you can even send me a video of you telling another human being with your mouth. Just spread the word, and tag me so that I know you did it. Your name goes into a drawing, and one lucky so and so wins a free shirt.

When’s the pre-order over?
January 31st, 2014. That means these are probably shipping second week of February or so. Plan accordingly.

Seriously, all I have to do is share it on the internet?
BAM! Entry to the free shirt lotto.

What if I don’t live in the US?
No problem, you can still win a free shirt.

What if I live in Pittsburgh and I just want to pick it up from you?
Put in “PITTSBURGH” as a discount code, and it’ll knock off your shipping costs. Please note that I don’t actually live in Pittsburgh, so pick-up options are Brownsville (I live there) or Greensburg (I work there).

What if I already bought a shirt, and I win?
You can either have two shirts, or I can cancel your order.

Can I still wear this if I live in Ohio?
You can wear this bad boy anywhere. Work, church, funerals, court hearings, anywhere.


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