PIM Champs

The first season of ice hockey I ever played, the only stat that our team took first place in was penalty minutes.



Mr. T Experience

Here’s an odd one. Awhile ago, I had a guy contact me and ask if I could make a poster for a show. That happens often enough, but this one was for a show that happened in 1999.

Apparently, that particular show meant a lot to him and some of his friends, and he really wanted to have a keepsake from it. He said that he didn’t like flyers that were just a shot of the band standing around, and was more interested in a weird illustration (so he came to the right lady). I pulled some things from their History of the Concept of the Soul, he’s got the crown belt buckle for King Dork, and the checkered floor from the Metro, this shit has LAYERS. The guy and his friends were happy, and even sent a copy along to Dr. Frank, who posted it on his blog thing.

And, small world, it turns out the guy and I had both been at Insubordination Fest where Dr. Frank was playing just a few months before he got in touch with me.


Have something crazy that you’d like a poster of? Get in touch at


Warm + Fuzzy

Some more old work I should have posted when it actually happened. I did some drawings for the Warm + Fuzzies project, which is a group of folks that make stuff for people that donated money to a good cause. So in exchange for a $10 or more donation to charity, people could request a drawing from me. I was supposed to have a theme of some sort, but I threw down the gauntlet and said I’d draw any ridiculous thing the internet threw at me.

First up, cannibal gummy bears.

A friend and his dog fighting over the last slice of pizza.

The Thing playing an accordion.

Then I had a friend that auctioned off a signed poster, and raised over $500 for Red Cross. The other drawings were supposed to be smaller scale things I could knock out in half an hour or so, but I told David I’d make him literally anything he wanted. And this is what he wanted.


And because he said it was cool, you can buy one in the shop. As the description says, “You either want a poster of a skateboarding pizza, or you don’t”