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So I’m writing a book

I feel like I’ve been talking about this thing everywhere BUT on my blog, but I signed up to write a book, which will be coming out through Microcosm sometime Spring 2016. If you liked my Punk Rock Entrepreneur talk, then you’ll like this book. I’m basically putting in all the stuff that I wanted to shove into that talk, but had to cut for time.

So the first thing is, if you’d like to sign up to receive an update when this book comes out (because fall’s like, a really long time from now), you can sign up right here. I’ll let you know any super important stuff, like if there’s a pre-sale, or if I do an appearance somewhere so you can see my dumb mug in person, but you’re not gonna get a zillion emails.

The second thing is, I’m still collecting some stories for this. I have some information up about this on my website, but I’m basically looking for stories from either musicians or small business owners in a few categories:

• Times that you have found creative ways around obstacles
• Stories about building a network (most of mine involve couch surfing)
• Anything about building a community, or being involved in a community (as it relates to your band/business)
• Creative ways you’ve put your work out
• Failed projects, personal projects, and collaborative efforts that ended up positive experiences
• Times when being small/relatively unknown has been an advantage
• Hosting shows and events in odd spaces
• Finding your audience (can also include finding who your audience isn’t)
• Conflict about money
• Stories about when going above and beyond worked out for you (this is for a chapter called Use Your Whole Ass.)
• Making interesting mistakes and learning from failure

If you think you have a story to contribute, check out the submissions link.


AP Tour

Update: You can now order prints of these photos for Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers, or Sharks.

So instead of going out shopping on Black Friday this year, I headed up to Altar Bar for the AP Tour.

Four Year Strong did an acoustic set before the show for a handful of fans, and Alan got into the holiday spirit.




They also did a very much non-acoustic set.


Some of the other bands got in on the fun – I think this is the bassist from Sharks?



Gallows’ singer decided to hang out with the crowd, and I Hail Mary’d this shot.



It was a crowd surfing kind of night.


Also on the bill was Title Fight…


…The Swellers…


…and Sharks



More photos are up at and on Facebook.