Good news everyone!


The blog is moving to a new home, as part of a site redesign which is still sort of in progress (it’s responsive!). If you want to keep seeing posts from me, head over to the new blog and bookmark it, or RSS it, or whatever it is people do these days to keep up on blogs. (Actually, there are links on the right side of the page to add it to your RSS feed, or subscribe via email).

While this blog will still exist, because it doesn’t cost me any money to leave it up, I won’t be updating it anymore. So if you don’t head over to the new blog, you’re gonna miss all my nonsense.


Keyskull rides again

Put a skull on it!


Gimme that shirt!

I’m getting these rad shirts printed up, but I’m running a pre-order first from now through January 31st. So why should you order it now?

1. Get a free button pack (pre-orders get extra free stuff).

2. Get the size you want. I’m ordering extras, but once a size is gone, that’s it.

3. It’ll be cheaper. Pre-order shirts are $15, but the price goes up for the regular sale ones. Because I’m a heartless and cutthroat business person, is why. Don’t get caught paying more for the same shirt, like a chump.

Seriously, gimme. 

Want to win one?

It’s super easy.
1. Be following me on either twitter or instagram.
2. Tell a friend and prove it.

Retweets count, regrams and shoutouts and Facebook shares count, you can even send me a video of you telling another human being with your mouth. Just spread the word, and tag me so that I know you did it. Your name goes into a drawing, and one lucky so and so wins a free shirt.

When’s the pre-order over?
January 31st, 2014. That means these are probably shipping second week of February or so. Plan accordingly.

Seriously, all I have to do is share it on the internet?
BAM! Entry to the free shirt lotto.

What if I don’t live in the US?
No problem, you can still win a free shirt.

What if I live in Pittsburgh and I just want to pick it up from you?
Put in “PITTSBURGH” as a discount code, and it’ll knock off your shipping costs. Please note that I don’t actually live in Pittsburgh, so pick-up options are Brownsville (I live there) or Greensburg (I work there).

What if I already bought a shirt, and I win?
You can either have two shirts, or I can cancel your order.

Can I still wear this if I live in Ohio?
You can wear this bad boy anywhere. Work, church, funerals, court hearings, anywhere.