We’re getting close to go-time on WMC Fest, and we’re still looking for volunteers. While there’s work to be done in all aspects of the festival, I’m personally responsible for making sure that we have quality photos and video of the whole weekend.

So why would you want to volunteer your time for WMC Fest? Well…

It’s Fun.
If you’re worried that volunteering means you’ll miss all the good stuff, don’t be. Shifts are short, so you’re not “stuck” in any one space for the whole day. Last year I opted to cover the speakers all weekend, and got to hear some AMAZING presentations while I worked.

Meet Cool People.
This isn’t exactly exclusive to volunteering, since you’ll meet great people anyway. But I got to hang out behind the scenes a lot as a volunteer, and spend some time with the folks that make the festival happen.

Shoot Cool Stuff.
Believe me, I’m the LAST person on the planet to pull a “it’s good exposure” on you. What I will say is that you’re guaranteed to have opportunities to shoot some really cool stuff. Last year I got to shoot things like Aaron Draplin planting the Puerto Rican flag onstage, a rainbow parade, live bands, and a breakdance battle. You get more access than the general public, and the press.

Support WMC Fest.
WMC Fest is a unique festival and community event, and it’s something that I’m proud to be a part of. I saw first hand last year how much volunteers are needed to keep everything running smoothly. This year, I’m seeing first hand how all of the money going to the festival is getting put back into it, and making it better. It’s a thing that I feel good about volunteering my time and talent to every year.

Get in Free.
While this is probably the most reasonably priced festival I know of, free stuff is still pretty great. Put in four hours taking photos or shooting video for the event, and you can hang out the rest of that day for free (plus, you get a t-shirt. And since it’s a design festival, you know it’ll be an awesome t-shirt.) We recognize that we couldn’t do this event without our volunteers, so we try to take really good care of them.

Where Do I Sign Up?
If you’re looking to volunteer for our photo or video crew, you can email me at and/or sign up to get more information here.

If you want to volunteer for other positions, you can sign up here.

Also, if you’re local-ish to Cleveland, we’re having a volunteer orientation at Go Media on May 23rd at 6:00. You can find out more or RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Come see me at WMC Fest 2012!



I spent a day just wandering around downtown, taking photos a few years back. I made this little collage, and sent it over to Troy DeShano, for his Collab Friday project.

He also had a painting sent in by TJ Walsh. You can see what Troy came up with on his site.




love stINKS

So last night, I got to hang out with the Commonwealth Press crew, and do some printmaking. I haven’t screenprinted anything myself since sophomore year of college (so… 2002ish?). Luckily, the boys did all the hard work, and all I had to do was decide what kind of paper I wanted and pull a little ink.



Lisa from Sapling Press gave us the run down on how to use the letterpress. I’m sort of in love with letterpress, and I’m fairly sure that if I had access to one of these machines, I’d never get anything else done (but I would have just the NICEST to-do lists).


They also had a woodblock print set up, which is a little more in my wheelhouse.


I met some awesome new people, Dan Rugh gave me a hard time, and I went home with some pretty sweet hand-made valentines. If you want to know when they’re throwing another shindig, you can keep up with Commonwealth and/or Sapling Press on the Twitters. More photos, as usual, on the Facebook.




Between the Buried and Me

Update: You can now order prints of these photos for Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, or Tesseract.

I’ve seen these guys a handful of times (earlier this year, in Cleveland, with Opeth, etc). They’re really amazing live.








The other bands on their tour, I’d never seen live. Actually, I hadn’t even really heard any of their music before now, but they both have a really interesting sound.

Tesseract was on first:






Then Animals as Leaders. Honestly, I got so distracted watching these guys that I kind of forgot to shoot for a minute.







As always, there are more photos on Facebook and on




AP Tour

Update: You can now order prints of these photos for Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers, or Sharks.

So instead of going out shopping on Black Friday this year, I headed up to Altar Bar for the AP Tour.

Four Year Strong did an acoustic set before the show for a handful of fans, and Alan got into the holiday spirit.




They also did a very much non-acoustic set.


Some of the other bands got in on the fun – I think this is the bassist from Sharks?



Gallows’ singer decided to hang out with the crowd, and I Hail Mary’d this shot.



It was a crowd surfing kind of night.


Also on the bill was Title Fight…


…The Swellers…


…and Sharks



More photos are up at and on Facebook.




Signals Midwest / Shady Ave Split at Ormsby

Update: You can order prints from this show.

This is probably the most fun I’ve had at a show in a long time, so many thanks again to the Signals Midwest guys for hooking this up. I spent most of my time in high school and college in venues just like this, except everyone was in terrible grindcore bands then. Since we were from the boonies, we only made it up to Pittsburgh for big shows (well, if Laga qualifies as big), and this was my first time hanging out at 222 Ormsby.

These guys are no stranger to the area, though, and Max told me how Ormsby was the first place they ever played out of state. They’ve been talking about doing this split with Shady Ave for three years now, and finally made it happen. It seemed like about three years worth of pent up celebrating.





More photos, as usual, on the Facebook. You can check out Signals Midwest on the web, or watch their video on Alternative Press.




Thrice at the Rex

Update: You can now order prints of these photos, for Thrice, La Dispute, O’Brother, or Moving Mountains.

Thrice played at The Rex in Pittsburgh on October 21 with La Dispute, O’Brother, and Moving Mountains. Really hot, really loud, and really great set list.





Dustin’s also been doing acoustic sets after the show to benefit Invisible Children, and I was able to get some photos and video from that.



As always, there are more on Facebook and on Iron City Rocks.